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2021 "El Galpon" Carneros Pinot Noir


Price: $30.00

The name El Galpon started out as a joke. I was working in Chile, back when the term "garagiste" was popular in wine circles. In Chile, a garage, or a shed is often called a Galpon, and so we thought of ourselves as "Galponistas." The name never stuck and so when I started thinking about what to call a new wine I was making that was a variation on The Shop, which is also a kind of garage, the name El Galpon came immediately to mind.

El Galpon continues to be the wilder, more fun loving sibling to The Shop. Not so much in the making, but rather in the glass. It's livelier, and sometimes a tiny bit funky (in all the good ways). Fun but serious, just the kind of wine I like best!

2021 was a terrific year in Carneros. The wines are concentrated, but balanced and fresh too. That elusive combination that I am always writing about came true in 2021.

As always it is priced to be enjoyed, at just $30/bottle. Only 75 cases made so don't delay! 


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