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2020 Carneros Gamay Noir

2020 Carneros Gamay Noir

Price: $28.00

My 2020 Gamay Noir is exactly the kind of wine we need to make more of in California. It is lively and quaffable but also worthy of contemplation. It's full of energy, light on its feet but not thin and simple. Fun and serious, my favorite kind of wine.

There wasn't much of it in 2020. Yields were down at The Shop by about 15%. What we lacked in quantity was definitely made up for in quality, however. The low yields led to an early harvest at pretty modest sugar levels for the size of the crop and the warmth of the season, with the Gamay coming in just a shade under 13% alcohol. I am not trying to make low alcohol wines per se, but it sure is nice not having to worry about the wine being "too big."

I also gave it a new label, one that hopefully captures the spirit of the wine. The background design is inspired by an antique Japanese scroll that has been in the family for generations. Old meets new.

I am going to avoid shipping in the summer as much as possible, so please order soon if you want the wine before the fall. As usual, shipping is included on 12 bottles or more. 



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