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2019 Rose of Pinot Noir

2019 Rose of Pinot Noir

Price: $18.00

2019 was an interesting year for Pinot Noir in the North Coast. Weather-wise, it was a nearly ideal growing season with a fairly wet spring, mild temperatures throughout the growing season, and no heat spikes during harvest. This led to plump berries full of tasty juice--maybe not the ideal situation for red wine but perfect for rosé. My rose is made from juice bled off of red fermentation tanks (to increase the concentration of what remains) rather than from whole clusters pressed, as you would for white wine. So it was kind of a win-win: make better red wine, as well as some lovely rosé.

As always, it is a combination of about 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Gamay Noir. After pulling the juice, I simply put it in neutral barrels, stuck them in a cold corner of the cellar and let them do their thing. In January, once primary fermentation is finished but before the malolactic can kick in, I'll add a modest dose of sulfur, rack it into a stainless steel tank and chill it down, to both stabilize it and to prevent malolactic from starting. In February or March, it goes to bottle. Pretty simple processing.

I made 140 cases of it this year. Enjoy it all summer long. 


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