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2019 "El Galpon" Carneros Pinot Noir


Price: $30.00

My little collection of concrete eggs has become a fixture in the cellar, and almost everyone that visits the winery asks me about them. 2019 is the sixth vintage that I have aged a portion of my Carneros Pinot Noir in concrete so I have a pretty good sense of what this does for the wine, and how it fits into the program. Like an oak barrel, the impact of the concrete seems to change a bit as the vessel gets older. Concrete doesn't impart any flavor, unlike oak, but the impact on the wine seems to soften a bit with time. Perhaps because the interior surface becomes more "seasoned," the longer it is exposed to wine. Whatever the reason, I find myself liking the concrete aged wines more the longer I use the concrete. They now have an energy and linearity that is really compelling, and works very well in the blend as well as on its own.

The 2019 vintage in Carneros produced wines that were less overtly fruity and more savory and spicy. The wines are less plush and full bodied than in 2017 and 2018 (I consider this a good thing) and, somewhat like 2013, the wines are a little slow to reveal themselves. The 2019 El Galpon seems almost coltish, in the sense that it is young and slightly awkward but beautiful at the same time. I like the energy on the palate, there's a freshness to the flavors that can be elusive in Carneros Pinot Noir, although the flavors tend towards the dark fruit end of the spectrum. 50 cases made.


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