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2018 Rose of Pinot Noir

2018 Rose of Pinot Noir

Price: $18.00

My Rosé should be called a vin gris, since it's made from juice bled off from red fermenters. But whatever you call it, this wine is often an interesting preview to the more serious wines from any given vintage. Although Rosé winemaking has a different end point than red winemaking (rosé minimizing extraction from the skins, red wine deriving its character from the skins, for example) the nature of the flavors--the expression of the vintage, if you will--is apparent in both.

At this stage, the 2018 wines seem to be pretty energetic, maybe a bit more than the 2017s. Not as vibrant as 2016, I would guess. The 2018 Rosé is pretty lively and tart on the attack, possibly a bit less fruity than the 2017 and more on the mineral end of the spectrum. The color is a very pale pink, and the flavors compact. Strikes me as more of a food wine than a patio wine. Rosé, when in the dry style, can be an excellent companion to a meal!

120 cases. 


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