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2018 Gamay Noir Carneros

2018 Gamay Noir Carneros

Price: $25.00

Gamay Noir, I am discovering, is quite sensitive to fluctuations in the seasons, at least as grown in Carneros at The Shop. 2017 was a hot season, and the Gamay that year was big (relatively speaking), deeply colored, and full bodied. 2018, on the other hand, was a cool, later ripening year and the Gamay is brighter, fresher and more svelte than it's older sibling. Maybe a bit more true to the essence of the Gamay grape, though who am I to say?

I am loving how fresh and lively the Gamay is already. Although I bottled it in August, it already invites the next sip. Or gulp. It's more on the red fruit end of the spectrum than the previous vintage, and sleek on the palate. It will complement all manner of holiday fare, and having just polished off a bottle myself I can say that it is pretty darn tasty on its own!


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