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2018 El Galpon Carneros Pinot Noir

2018 El Galpon Carneros Pinot Noir

Price: $30.00

The 2018 El Galpon is inspired by Bourgogne Passetoutgrain, a mix of Pinot Noir and Gamay that can be found in some corners of Burgundy. Gamay was once widely planted in Burgundy before being exiled many years ago to its current home in Beaujolais. The few vines that remain are blended with Pinot Noir into what qualifies in Burgundy as a "fun wine" called Passetoutgrain, which roughly translated means "all grapes allowed." In California, Gamay isn't exactly in exile but it is not very widely planted, and there are no restrictions on its use in any of the appellations. So I blend a small amount of it with Pinot Noir, age it in concrete to keep it fresh. This results in a super lively and very charming red wine--just the kind of wine that I like to drink myself! There isn't much of it, just 50 cases.

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