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2017 "The Shop" Carneros Pinot Noir


Price: $35.00
15% OFF 12 or more bottles of "The Shop"

I have written many times about my experimentation with Carneros Pinot Noir, and my efforts to craft a more distinctive, fresher style of Pinot Noir from there. I've been approaching it from many angles, from the vineyard to the how the fruit is handled during fermentation and aging. Since 2016, I have become increasingly dedicated to this new direction, and my 2017 Shop is a good example of this. 2017 was a warm year, so the wine is a bit "bigger" than normal but it still has freshness, purity of fruit and, for the lack of a better way to put it, a high degree of "yumminess." Pretty easy to like. $35 a bottle and $350 a case, a 15% discount. The discount is calculated at checkout, simply select 12 bottles. 

Tasting Notes 2017 pdf


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