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2017 "The Shop" Carneros Pinot Noir


Price: $35.00
15% OFF on 12 or more bottles of "The Shop"


I have written many times about my experimentation with Carneros Pinot Noir, and my efforts to craft a more distinctive, fresher style of Pinot Noir from there. Since 2016, I have become increasingly dedicated to this new direction, and my 2017 Shop is a good example of this. 2017 was a warm year, so the wine is a bit "bigger" than normal but it still has freshness, purity of fruit and, for the lack of a better way to put it, a high degree of "yumminess." Pretty easy to like. $35 a bottle, but I'm offering a special price on 12 bottles, to introduce the new vintage: $350, a 15% discount. There is also, for the same price, a special offer that includes a bottle of 2017 "El Galpon;" to find out more about that, go here. Orders start shipping October 1, and the offer expires October 31. 


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