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2017 "The Shop" and "El Galpon" Special offer


Price: $350.00

As a bonus to fans of The Shop who want to geek out a little, I'm offering a special package to introduce the new vintage, with a little twist--I'll include a bottle of the 2017 "El Galpon," which is the concrete aged version of The Shop, so you can taste the difference between oak aging and concrete aging. Since 2014 I have been aging The Shop in a mixture of oak and concrete vessels, and in 2015 I have been bottling a small portion of The Shop that was aged only in concrete. Although the blend is slightly different between The Shop and El Galpon (the latter is made up mostly of an earlier picked lot) it is interesting to contemplate the differences between concrete and oak aging. This case will include 11 bottles of The Shop and one bottle of El Galpon, both from the 2017 vintage. The price: $350, a 15% discount. Orders start shipping October 1, and the offer expires October 31.


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