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2016 "El Galpon" Carneros Pinot Noir


Price: $30.00

2016 was a good year for red wine in the north coast of California. It was one of those rare instances where quality was good and the quantity was pretty good too! The wines from this vintage had, from early on, a rare combination of opulence and energy. Pretty special stuff!

El Galpon started as an experiment to see how Carneros Pinot Noir would age in concrete. It was originally intended as a blending component (and is still used in this way) but in 2015 I decided, somewhat on a lark, to bottle a small amount on its own. The results were fascinating, so in 2016 I did it again. Although 2015 was also an excellent vintage for Pinot Noir, the 2016 vintage was perhaps better suited for aging in concrete as the wines were tighter structured and higher in acidity (taste-wise, at least). The 2016 El Galpon is almost edgy in its youth, and the lack of oak aging accentuates that. I love how it opens over the course of an hour or so in the glass. It'll reward a little contemplation if you are so inclined.

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