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2015 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

2015 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Price: $35.00

I am still trying to be as straightforward and low-tech as I can in the making of this wine. No added yeast or bacteria, no fining, very "hands off" during the fermentation and aging. Mostly what I do is watch and wait--stirring up the barrels once in a while, checking the sugar and temperature during fermentation to make sure all is well, and so on. The wine is aged on the lees in a combination of mostly neutral barrels, hogsheads and concrete eggs, and is bottled in the summer just prior to the next harvest. 

2015 was the last year of an extended drought, and crop levels were down dramatically across the Sonoma Coast. Wine quality, however, was exceptional. Too bad there is so little of it! Having said that, by adding a second vineyard to the mix, I was able to bottle more Chardonnay in 2015 than I ever have, 342 cases.

How does it taste? A combination of citrusy fruit, beeswax, and savory notes. Bright and refreshing, just a touch of creaminess and yeastiness that adds weight on the mid-palate. A little more subtle than the 2014. A worthy companion to all manner of white wine foods, and a pretty nice drink on its own.


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