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2017 Gamay Noir Carneros

2017 Gamay Noir Carneros


As I have written elsewhere, I have a long and abiding love of Beaujolais, the ancestral home of the Gamay grape. Specifically, Cru Beaujolais, which is, to my palate, the ultimate kind-of-serious-kind-of-fun wine. And not ridiculously expensive. Three years ago, in 2015, I finally put my money where my mouth--or palate--was, and started making a little Gamay of my own. For the first couple of years I experimented with different amounts of whole clusters, oak barrels versus concrete aging, extraction regimes, and so on. In 2017 I had a revelation--this wine was best when I simply put the clusters in the fermenter, squished them up a little, and let them do their thing. Minimal sulfur, light extraction, no oak, nothing added. The Gamay grape is so full of fresh fruit and lively flavors that the best thing is to stay out of the way and let it sing.

100 cases produced.

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